Tiffani Borders is the mother of 5, in which 3 of her children are consider special needs. She is the CEO of Uplifting Ability, a company dedicated to helping moms managing the day to day care of their special needs child through medical record organization. She is the founder of Mommy UpliftHER United, a platform where moms can connect to share, learn and uplift one another.

Are Your Habits Making or Breaking Your Day?
Posted On: Apr 30, 2021

There is one word that can explain why your life is in the state of where it is right now.
Whether that place is positive or negative. There is a word that could explain why it is that way.




According to dictionary.com, the definition of a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

The habits that you practice can directly indicate how your life will manifest itself.


The Good… The Bad… The Ugly… of your daily HABITS while caring for your special needs child!



Good Habit

Scheduling and properly planning your time. Creating a plan is just like mapping out your life. Plans are merely roadmaps to get you through your day, week, month, year, and life. What does planning have to do with being a mom of a  special needs child? EVERYTHING! Mapping out exactly what needs to happen for your child and when it has to get done is vital. Our kiddos have so much going on throughout the day that if we are not careful something could get missed. Missed appointments… Missed medication… Missed calls… Missed treatments…etc. The last thing you want to do as a mom is miss something important because you allowed your day to run you, instead of running your day. Creating a plan is a great habit to pick up on. It’s not about being perfect, just simply being prepared! Along with making sure your special needs child is good and your other obligations are being met, it is also very important that you use your schedule to get a little me time set aside. Self-care is so important. Click here to see what could happen if you don’t take time for yourself.

Stick to the plan. Things will sometimes come up that are completely out of your control and that’s okay. It’s life! The objective is to minimize the number of interruptions that cause chaos in your life.

If you fail to plan, you’ve already planned to fail!        Author is unknown


Bad Habit

Comparing yourself or your special needs child to another. Playing comparison is not a game that will get anyone anywhere. When you look down on yourself or your child based on how great you think someone else is handling life will grant you a prize that you will not want.  Anxiety and frustration can be the unwanted prize you get at the end. It is perfectly okay to notice what other moms are doing and how she handles a certain situation. Use what you discover as a tool to see if that same process can benefit your situation.

Not keeping and following a schedule. One of the main reasons not keeping and/or following a schedule is a bad habit is that missed medical necessities could cause more problems for your special needs child and you.


Ugly Habits

Mommy Shaming. Talking down on other moms is a big NO-NO. We are here to help each other out not put other moms down. None of us have it ALL together. Moms need a tribe. We need each other.


Thank you for stopping by momma! Remember you are enough and you are doing the BEST you can.

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