Tiffani Borders is the mother of 5, in which 3 of her children are consider special needs. She is the CEO of Uplifting Ability, a company dedicated to helping moms managing the day to day care of their special needs child through medical record organization. She is the founder of Mommy UpliftHER United, a platform where moms can connect to share, learn and uplift one another.

Empty Cup
Posted On: Apr 16, 2021

3 Tips to Reduce Overwhelm


A few years ago, I allowed my cup to run on empty. The cup is me: what I like, what I need, and everything that makes up who I am. I allow everyone else to come into my space and take from me. They took my time, my energy, my focus, my talents, and I had nothing left over for me. Eventually, there was a shift. My thoughts were not clear. I couldn’t focus on anything. I felt like crying and I don’t know why. I was stressed and I don’t know why. I knew I hit my breaking point when I didn’t care about anyone or what they needed. Because of the position I held in life with having a husband,  small children, and having a special needs child, I should have cared. But I didn’t! I was an emotional wreck. I had to do something or I was going to completely lose my mind.

  • I needed help!
  • I needed a getaway!
  • I needed a break!


The Car Ride That Changed My Life


I got in my car and drove off without telling a soul. I remember feeling like I was going to lose my mind. At the time, life was really stressing me out. I had way too many roles. I didn’t give myself time to breathe and recharge. I was trying to juggle everything on my own.  Nobody around me knew that I was struggling. While I was aimlessly driving around town with no direction, I knew I needed to get the thoughts that were swirling in my head, out. That’s when I decided to pick up my phone, hit record, and just start talking.  While I was releasing the anxiety and stress I was feeling, a breakthrough was happening.  The message that came out of me that day was so powerful that I decided to share it with you.


The audio clip below is very emotional. I am attaching it so you can feel the cry for help in my words. When I listened to it, I can feel where my headspace was at that moment.



3 Ways You Can Reduce Overwhelm


Put yourself first.

Tell others NO when you don’t have the capacity to help them. People don’t really like being told NO. You will have to think about how you feel versus how the next person feels about your response. Trust me, they will be okay.


Schedule your time wisely.

Create a schedule that is important to you. Figure out what is urgent in your life. Most importantly, follow the schedule.


Make time for yourself.

Be sure to set some time aside for you. These are the activities that will help you build up yourself in a way that will create an overflow.


Fill Your Cup and Only Run on Your Overflow


Thank you for stopping by momma! Remember you are enough and you are doing the BEST you can.


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