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My name is Tiffani Borders and I am the Mommy Special Needs Strategist. I help mothers who are the caregivers of a special needs child to achieve a more organized portfolio of their child’s medical information and to be the best mom possible by providing care strategies so they can move confidently through the day.

Being a mom is a tough job. When you add in the aspect of being a mom to a special needs child, let’s just say, life gets a little interesting!

I am here to help you CRUSH the day!

If you are ready to finally get your child’s medical information in order…


If you are eager to learn new techniques to help you care for your child…


If you are ready to move confidently through the day…


You have come to the right place!


Medical Records Decluttered


Uplifting Ability is here to provide direction on how to effectively organize your special needs child medical information. No matter how organized you are or the lack there of, I am sure you will find one of our organizational tools helpful.

Mommy UpliftHer United

You are not alone…

Mommy UpliftHer United was created to provide a space where the mom of a special needs child can gain access to tools, information and participate with a community of other moms in order to get the help and support necessary to effectively manage the day to day care for their special needs child.

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