You are not alone…


UpliftHer Ability was created to provide a space where the mom of a special needs child can gain access to tools, information and participate with a community of other moms in order to get the help and support necessary to effectively manage the day to day care for their special needs child.

Join UpliftHer Ability TODAY and you will have access to…

Monthly Uplifting Sessions

Monthly Uplifting Sessions are all about motivation, inspiration and praise moms of a special needs child. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how awesome we are and what a wonderful job we are doing

Closed Group LIVE Streams

Live streams on various topics and current events.

Uplifting Workshop

Monthly Uplifting Workshops are sessions where you will learn tip and tricks that could help you with the day to day care of your special needs child

Mommyhood Support

Mommyhood Support is all about community. Join a group of mommas who are simply trying to figure out this thing called motherhood while caring for a special needs child

Member Discounts

Members of UpliftHer Ability will receive special member discounts on products and services

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