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Tiffani Borders is the mother of 5 children, in which 3 of her children are consider special needs. She is the CEO of Uplifting Ability, a company dedicated to helping moms manage the day to day care of their special needs child. She is the founder of Mommy UpliftHer United, a platform for moms where she provides classes and a community where moms can connect to share, learn and uplift one another.  

Hi Mommas:

I am extremely passionate about helping moms get organized with their special needs child’s medical information. Having just this one component situated will make a world of difference to the day to day functionality while caring for your child.

In 2013, my husband and I obtained guardianship of my nieces because of a family tragedy. For 3 years, I tracked all of the girls medical appointments, laying out detailed information in order to hand it over to the various agencies that visited our home on a monthly basis. The organizational tools I created helped everyone involved have a clear understating of the girls care. Once we adopted the girls in 2016, I stopped tracking the records because I didn’t have to report the information to the agencies anymore.


Within 15 months, my daughter who has spina bifida, had 6 hospital visits, in which 3 were PICU stays. Three of those visits equated to surgeries, in which 2 were emergencies AKA not planned. I was scrambling to remember dates, times, doctors and appointment notes. I was so unorganized, and our lives were filled with chaos. There was or could have been many things missed during care, some over diagnosis, unnecessary medications, etc.

After going through this trial, the light bulb turned on… I DIDN’T HAVE SO MUCH CHAOS WHEN I WAS PROPERLY TRACKING MY DAUGHTER’S MEDICAL CARE! At that time, I picked back up my old habits and our lives have changed forever. Now I’m here to share my organizational tools with you. I am excited to help you change your life forever as

More About Me

I help moms who are the caregivers of a special needs child, who struggle with medical record organization and day to day care functionality to achieve a more organized portfolio of their child’s medical records and to be the best them possible by provided medical record organization tools, care strategies and access to a community of other mothers just like them.


Caring for a special needs child can be challenging but with the right tools, strategy and support the impossible can become possible.

Uplifting Ability stands by 6 core values. These core values are derived using the word UPLIFT.

U – Understanding

P – Patience

L – Learning

I – Inspiring

F – Faith

T – Transparency


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Address: 2810 E Hillsborough Ave. #311782

Tampa, FL 33610

Phone: 813-803-2601

Business Hours: M-F 9:00am-6:30pm 

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