Mommy UpliftHer United Facebook Group

A support group for moms with a special needs child

You are not alone…

Mommy UpliftHer United is a group where mothers of a special needs kiddo can come together and lift each other up. Caring for a special needs child can be challenging but with the right tools, strategy and support the impossible can become possible. We are here to uplift, motivate and ignite one another to be our best selves so we can be a great mom for our child of special needs.

If you are ready to join other moms’ crush this thing called motherhood all while raising a special needs child, click the join now button now. 

Why should I join the Mommy UpliftHer United FREE Facebook Group

You are a mom of a special needs child…


That find it hard to navigate the daily functionality of raising your special needs child.


Who is tired of feeling overwhelmed with keeping track of doctor visits, therapy appointment, etc.


That find it hard to keep track of life as a mom, woman, friend, caregiver.


That have forgotten to be YOU as a woman outside of being a mom.


That is looking for a community of other moms who share the same struggles.


Who want to pour love and support into other moms.

What’s going down in the group?

Mommy Support is all about community. Join a group of mommas who are simply trying to figure out this thing called motherhood all while raising a special needs child.

Weekly blogs will be posted in the group so you will not miss the new release. There is always something exciting going down in the blogs.

Closed group LIVE streams are specifically for the mommas. This is a way to open up dialogue on various topics and current events that pertain to motherhood as a mom of a special needs child.

Daily Uplifting Post are all about motivation, inspiration and to praise moms of a special needs child. Sometimes we just need a reminder of how awesome we are and what a wonderful job we are doing.

  • you are ready to finally turn chaos into control…

  • you are eager to learn new techniques to help you care for your child…

  • you are ready to move confidently through the day…

I’ll see you on the other side…

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