Tiffani Borders is the mother of 5, in which 3 of her children are consider special needs. She is the CEO of Uplifting Ability, a company dedicated to helping moms managing the day to day care of their special needs child through medical record organization. She is the founder of Mommy UpliftHER United, a platform where moms can connect to share, learn and uplift one another.

A Warm Welcome
Posted On: Mar 5, 2021

Welcome to my blog!

I’m, Tiffani! A wife, mommy to 5, with 3 special needs kiddos, I love Christ and gospel music, an avid reader (or listener via audiobooks), I am a stay-at-home mom who homeschools, an entrepreneur who has a strong love for bookkeeping and numbers, a life learner, and a mommy advocate who wants to see moms WIN!


Why Did I Start This Blog?


I decided to start this blog to help the mom of a special needs child push past defeat and become confident in her advocacy for her special needs child. I  wanted to bring other mommas into my world of organized chaos. Being a mom of a special needs child can get overwhelming, can be extremely lonely, and frustrating at times. Other times are made up of celebrations and uplifting moments. I am here to shine some light on our world of parenting a special needs child. Showing other moms just like me that they are not alone is very important to me.

I am also here to help moms get organized with her child’s medical information. I didn’t understand how important medical record keeping was until I became a momma to a special needs child.  I have found that my child thrives the most when I am able to be her best advocate. Life can get extremely hectic when your child has more than the normal yearly check-ups, medications, and services in comparison to a typical child. I had to find out the hard way how being unorganized can cause serious problems! Read more about what happens when you don’t keep good records here.


When you are in the know because you have kept up with your child’s records, it is easy to be their advocate.


Becoming a Mommy to a Special Needs Child


The Bonus Mommy

I was first introduced into the role of being the mom of a special needs child as a bonus mommy. My bonus son had always been a very energetic little boy whom we discovered had ADHD. That road was a challenge for us all. But I’m sure not as challenging for us as it was for him.

The Stand-In Mommy

I got my second and third dose of mothering a special needs child because of a family tragedy. My husband and I obtained guardianship of 2 of my nieces. One has a physical and intellectual disability, Spina Bifida. Our other niece is considered special needs. Being ripped away from her parents at two years old was difficult for her and created challenges that a very young child would have trouble handling. While she is a typical child, we had to take a few extra measures while caring for her.

It doesn’t matter how you may have become a mom of a special needs child, once you are, your life is forever changed.

There’s a lot of things that I have learned over the years to make our lives easier. I want to share those things with you. By putting my experiences on paper, I feel that I can help another mom who may be in my shoes. What are the lessons learned if you are not willing to share the takeaways with others?

I’ll be sharing my life experiences, tips, and tricks that have helped me on my journey of mothering a special needs child, personal finance tips I have learned from 15 years in the financial industry, and self-care hacks.

I look forward to sharing a lot with you all and hearing your stories as well.

Thank you for stopping by momma! Remember you are enough and you are doing the BEST you can.

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